Starburst Aerospace


  • Carole Miramont

    Carole Miramont

    Consultant Digital Freelance — YaK Freelance en Marketing, Communication, Growth Hacking pour petite entreprise, TPE et startup, aux 3F (Alsace, Bâle, Freiburg)

  • Tayo Zenger

    Tayo Zenger

  • Pranshu Pandey

    Pranshu Pandey

  • Tom Perkowski

    Tom Perkowski

  • Antoine Duvauchelle

    Antoine Duvauchelle

    Entrepreneur, ex venture capitalist, company building, ageing Ironman ;), proud father, INSEAD MBA

  • Íñigo


  • Tim Parsons

    Tim Parsons

    Bringing the future to life! Consulting using Lean Agility, launching the delta-V Space 2.0 Accelerator, Screen Media 2030 doco now live

  • James Michael Lydiard

    James Michael Lydiard

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